Children's Vintage Finds and Antique Treasures

Our simple guide to vintage decor

In our spare time, we love nothing more than hunting out beautiful, forgotten and disregarded pieces from antique fairs, auctions, and salvage yards. We see the beauty in the old and imperfect. In the weathered and timeworn. We love the fact that each piece has a story to tell. Put simply, we love vintage decor.

One of the questions we get asked most frequently, is how to incorporate vintage items into the home. For us, vintage décor is about filling a home with charm and character and creating a home that you love. If you are wanting to create a unique look in your home, then our 3 simple steps will definitely get you started.

Learn to let go

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and move away from the norm. Let go of the traditional idea of what “home décor” means. Vintage treasures are unusual, quirky and unique. Looking at home décor differently, is the first step to realising the true beauty of vintage.

This old steamer trunk is a perfect example! How many people would think of using this fabulous old trunk as a bedside cabinet? Something a little different but we think it works wonderfully. Not only does it provide practical storage space but it also has a beautiful nostalgia that only comes with such magnificent antique treasures. A win/win in our book.


Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Start by taking small steps

If you are new to decorating with vintage décor, then our next tip is to start small. Search for one or two items that you really love. By making some simple changes, you can instantly add vintage charm and character to a room.

We love the use of this vintage French milk bottle holder. The worn, galvanized metal works perfectly together with the simplicity of the soft pink and white coloured flowers. Unexpected, yes, but somehow it works. And better still, this is an easy look that anyone can pull off!


Source: Shabby French For Me

Reach for unsual items

For those who are perhaps a little more adventurous, we would encourage you to reach for unconventional items. Anyone who knows us, knows that our favorite way to bring a room to life, is to incorporate really unusual vintage pieces!

Take inspiration from others. We are amazed at how this wonderful vintage child’s crib has been repurposed. This a look that we will definitely be trying to recreate in our home. A little out there, but we are determined to pull it off. Simple, but perfect.

Wonderful vintage child's crib
Vintage childs crib

Source: The Magnolia Mom

And finally ……

We wanted to finish off by saying that it is important to know when to draw the line. Decorating with vintage decor doesn’t mean you like everything that’s rusted and worn. There is a fine line between rustic and time worn and something that’s rusted and falling to pieces! This is something that we’ve learned over the years. It’s a personal choice but one that will definitely serve you well. We hope you’ve enjoyed our simple guide to vintage decor. Remember – create a home that you love, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun along the way.

Ian and Charlotte xx

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