Children's Vintage Finds and Antique Treasures

Reinventing a classic – vintage ladders!

Welcome to Evie B’s very first blog ….. inspired by our children’s vintage finds and antique treasures.

We’ve all been there.  Spending hours, maybe even days or weeks, looking for some inspiration to help find that perfect finishing touch for your little one’s room.  Or, that extra special piece that you really want to be a talking point with friends and family.  That’s where we come in! We will be sharing our quirky creations and ideas with you.  We hope to inspire you to find new uses for our vintage pieces and encourage you to fall in love with them as much as we have!

This week’s theme ~ ladders!

We simply ADORE ladders. They are simple yet rustic and can be finished any way you desire.  What’s better, they take up little room and are perfect display pieces for any room.  Especially a nursery or child’s bedroom.

Here are a few ideas that we’ve come up with for our own vintage ladders.  Simple, easy and charming!  What more could you want? Take a look and let your imagination run wild.  With ladders you just can’t go wrong!


1.Step ladders used to showcase a collection of little boys trains and trucks! The possibilities are endless.


2. Wall mounted ladder used to display some of our favorite Victorian ruby oil lamps.  Much more pleasing on the eye than a shelf or cabinet (we think so anyway!).


3. Old set of ladders rescued from a local chemists simply resting on a wall filled with a few of our favorite vintage pieces!


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